Remember Will Young, the winner of Pop Idol. Surprisingly he hates his first ever single. Yes, you heard it right. He absolutely hates it.

Will Young, the British singer told that he does not like his debut number and cannot endure to look on the videos for his first numbers as they are very awful.

Reports suggest, the 32 year old actor and singer, who released the Evergreen and Anything Is Possible at the time when he won Pop Idol (the TV talent show back in 2002), stated that he had never performed on the first song because he detest it so much.

Young told that as far as Anything is Possible is concerned, he had never performed it in front of a live audience because he hate it.

The Come On sizzler is famous for his off-beat music videos. A whole lot of money has been spent on the albums, he told in an interview recently.

Young made his debut with the single "Anything is Possible", that was released few week after he won the Pop Idol and went to become the fastest selling album in the UK at that time. His second album was released in 2003 known as Friday’s Child relished more popularity. His last album was Echoes released in 2011 that became Young's third United Kingdom No. 1 Album.

Will Young has ventured in a number of musical tours, acted on stage, tv and movies. He also penned two books called Anything is Possible in
2002 and On Camera, Off Duty in 2004. Young's singes spawned a number of songs that have achieved top 10 positions in the United Kingdom and four singles reached the No. 1 spot. The British singer received many awards that include two BRIT Awards out of 12 nominations.