Will Young may join The Voice UK 2013

Will Young may join The Voice UK 2013

According to reports, Will Young will be a part of The Voice UK 2013. After he was rejected last year, this time rumors circulating that Young will be hired as one of the judges for The Voice UK. Earlier, Will Young revealed that he was shown the door from the show even before he stepped in front of the camera.

It was not a secret to the fans of the show that Young was in negotiations with the BBC One show. He told that he got the job, but he was axed later. Will Young told that it was a shame. He explained it as a tough and cruel world. He did not know why exactly he was axed, but life goes on. He is still alive; he is still breathing.

Young was controversially replaced by Danny O’Donoghue, the The Script star. Will stated that even though he was replaced by Danny, but he had no hard feelings for him as he is really a nice guy.

A leading newspaper reported that The Voice UK wanted Danny O’Donoghue because they wanted more female viewers on the show. An insider told that newspaper that the judges’ panel wanted a ‘hunk’ who could attract young female viewers. It was determined that Young did not fit in that category and rock star Danny was the right star for the show.

The Voice UK spokesperson told that Will Young was just not the right choice for them at that point of time. If Will join the show for the next season, they one of the judges have to make way for him.
The Voice UK show will hit the television screens of BBC One in the new year.