Darius Campbell to sale his mansion

Darius Campbell to sale his mansion

Darius Campbell, the former pop idol star, and his ex wife actress Natasha Henstridge arte selling their Hollywood house – just 6 months after stating that are getting set to get a divorce. The pair had tied the knot less than 3 years and now the couple has put their 4 bed house on the market for just £ 1.5million.

Earlier in November, thirty three year old Darius, who had 1st hit headlines along with a uproarious version of Hit Me Baby One More Time of Britney Spears on the television talent show, was spotted getting quite close to a mystery women following a party in London.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, the Estate agents, described the home as an architectural and modern masterpiece. The couple bought the house in the stunning Los Angeles suburb region of Sherman Oaks in the year 2011 for £ 800000.

Glasgow’s Darius as well as the Species series actor tied the knot on 2011’s Valentine’s Day. In July, he stated that they decided to file for a divorce. It was a really mutual decision.

Meanwhile, pop star N Kai Yar is all set to arrange her marriage reception at the Sky Star Hotel later this evening, just two days following her marriage ceremony. The pop star was married to M Hpung Awng.

Acording to reports, Kai Yar stated that she has been planning her wedding ceremony for a long time. She has married him because he understands her. They expect to start their future with mutual love and understanding. She added that she would continue to work in the entertainment industry. He is not from the entertainment field, but he understands her work.