JLS say they don't feel threatened by other boybands and believe now is a great time for pop music to kick out rock bands from dominating sales.

The band are currently enjoying success alongside Take That, Nick Jonas, while newcomers The Wanted are also getting more popular by the day. Discussing their chart rivals, JLS hunk Marvin Humes - who recently split from Rochelle Wiseman - said: "It's an amazing time for boybands.

"There is no need to be threatened. When you look at history, you had Boyzone, Westlife and Take That before and everyone was doing very well. It's the same now." Humes continued to the Daily Star: "For a long time we had rock and indie, but now pop and mainstream commercial music is here to stay. Let's all rule the charts."

As for new bands emerging, Marvin continued: "There's room for everyone and no reason why The Wanted can't have a place in boyband history. Good luck to them. We can all get together and make boybands something where everyone goes, 'Ahh'. The Wanted are fantastic. They've been working for a very long time trying to make it happen.

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